British “Conservative” Government gives US $72m to viciously Anti-whiteRacist Zimbabwe Government

The British “Conservative” government has announced that it is to give a $72 million “livelihoods and food security program” to the nation of Zimbabwe—which is ruled by a viciously anti-white regime which has not only encouraged the murder of white people but whose leader has publicly declared that “all whites must go back to England.
The extreme anti-white stance of the British “Conservative” Party has shocked even middle-of-the-road supporters of that party, given the fact that the Zimbabwe regime is one of the most openly racist regimes on earth, second only to the Jews-by-DNA-alone state of Israel.

According to the new “aid” package announced by Britain's Department for International Development (DFID), the $72 million will be spent to “increase incomes and reduce poverty” in Zimbabwe—even though that nation’s government has actively encouraged the murder of white people.

The program was announced by the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Catriona Laing, who said her country was willing to help Zimbabwe regain its “breadbasket” status—a reference to the situation when, under white rule, the country of Rhodesia was a food-exporting nation, instead of the black-run disaster that it is today.

The British “aid” is to be given to no less than 126,975 black alleged “farmers”—many of whom are recipients of the former white farms seized in an ongoing murderous campaign encouraged by the blatantly anti-white Robert Mugabe government.
The anti-white nature of the Mugabe regime—supported time and time again by the majority of the black population in elections dating back to 1990—was evidenced  as late as February this year in an article in the UK Telegraph which reported that “Zimbabwe's white farmers [had been] targeted for new Mugabe land grabs.

That newspaper said that Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) reported that a new attempt was underway to “finally rid the country of its [300] white landowners.”

The CFU said there had been “at least 20 incidents” in recent weeks, in most cases with farmers told to leave their farms, sometimes with as little as one month’s notice.

To put this in perspective: consider for a second what the British “Conservative” Party government’s reaction would be to any white government anywhere in the world which waged a racist campaign against black landowners, evicting and murdering them in order to hand land over to white people.

This same “Conservative” government would be at the forefront of implementing sanctions—and possibly even waging physical war—against any white nation which dared to do any such thing.

Yet, because it is a black government committing racist atrocities against white people, the British “Conservative” government is falling over itself to give them British taxpayer cash.

This highlights the inherently white supremacist attitude typical of today’s modern “liberals”, who believe that all those who are not white need some extra help, even deigning to call them “minorities”, despite nonwhites making up approximately 94% of the world’s population.