600,000 More Invaders Aim for Germany

At least 600,000 more nonwhite invaders are on their way to Germany via the “Balkans route,” a spokesman for the United Nations (UN) has claimed—even as it has transpired that the majority are not “war refugees” at all but scroungers seeking to parasite off the European welfare system.
According to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, German intelligence services told the government that expectations that the flow of invaders would slow down over winter are wrong. Instead, they reported, the flow will increase even more.
Quoting a UN spokesman, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper said that some 600,000 invaders are already on their way along the Balkan route, with at least 5,000 making the border crossing every 24 hours.
The influx continues despite four Balkan countries having announced that they will not allow “economic migrants” in—meaning that they will only allow those who can prove that they come from “war” countries to pass.
Already, the Focus news service reported that “blocked” invaders have launched protests on the Greek-Macedonian border, with some sewing their mouths shut to try and evoke sympathy.
Others, as photographs showed, just admitted that they were not from war zones, and waved signs saying they would not go back to their home countries (such as Iran).
It is unclear what the authorities are going to do with this ever-increasing number of nonwhite invaders, especially as their numbers build up by several thousand a day, all demanding entrance to Europe.
It was earlier reported that less than 30 percent of all invaders claiming “asylum” were actually from Syria.
If this figure holds true, then there are very soon going to be hundreds of thousands of angry nonwhites banging at the gates of the Balkans, all having been promised a future of milk and honey by Angela Merkel and the other democratic race-deniers.
Meanwhile, the increasing use of fake documents by the invaders to claim Syrian citizenship has been dealt a severe blow by Greek police, who have arrested twelve criminals—three Greeks and nine Pakistanis—on the island of Lesbos for trading in forged papers.
According to Greek media reports, the leader of the forgery gang is a 28-year-old Pakistani, while two of the Greeks owned bookshops on the island, providing the copying facilities for the production of the fake documents. The third Greek was a clerk apparently employed by the “refugee” reception center.
The gang’s modus operandi was to obtain blank travel papers, and adjust them for use by invaders who did not want to register with the authorities. They charged around €200 per document, police said.
The papers are needed to purchase ferry tickets to take the invaders to the Greek mainland. There, once ashore, they just vanish and can go wherever they want to within Europe, with no record of them having entered the continent.