Journalist Fired for Refugee/Terror Tweet

Well-known German journalist Matthias Matussek has been fired with immediate effect from his job at Die Welt newspaper for linking the Paris terrorist attack to the “refugees” streaming into Germany—even though that link is a fact.
Matussek has become the second German-language journalist to be fired for daring to comment against the controlled media. Earlier, the Styrian editor of Austria’s largest daily newspaper, Die Krone, was fired after revealing the rampant criminality, filth, and Third Word destruction which has accompanied the current nonwhite invasion of Europe.

Matussek, who had a long career with Die Welt, Der Spiegel and other prominent German news publications, issued the offending Tweet in the wake of the Paris terrorist incidents, saying:

"I guess the Paris terror will also move out debate about open borders and a quarter of a million unregistered young Islamic men in the country, into a whole new fresh direction."

He ended the Tweet with a small “smiley face.”

Although this Tweet is completely truthful—politicians and others have already called for a revision of the open borders policy, and there are hundreds of thousands of “unregistered” nonwhite invaders pouring into Europe—Matussek’s “crime” is that he said this in public.

Matussek has worked for the Die Welt newspaper since 1987, first as a special correspondent in East Berlin, and then later as bureau chief in New York, Rio de Janeiro, and London. From 2005 to 2008 he headed the paper’s cultural department, and since then has worked as a columnist.

Following his Tweet, the Springer Press issued a statement saying that they have “with immediate effect” parted company with him following an editorial board meeting with Die Welt editors Jan-Eric Peters and Ulf Poschardt.

Both these Die Welt editors issued Tweets attacking Matussek’s use of a smiley face at the end of his Tweet, insinuating that the reason he was sacked was because the “smiley face” indicated that he was actually pleased at the attacks in Paris. Matussek responded on Twitter, saying that “Those who know me know that it was meant as an expression of sarcastic despair.”

The extreme leftwing Taggespiegel newspaper took great delight in Matussek’s sacking, calling him a “journalistic agitator,” although they did admit that his comments received “great approval from fans and followers.”

* In February 2014, Matussek also aroused controversy with an article in Die Welt in which he pointed out that “homophobia has now been made worse than anti-Semitism in the ideological sin rankings” and that homosexuality was clearly “abnormal” because it went against the idea of procreation, the natural order of existence of life on earth.

“I do not think that marriage between men and women of the same sex is the equivalent of marriage between men and women. The polarity of creation is the point of marriage and it is important for children to experience this polarity,” he wrote.

Clearly the pro-homosexual, pro-nonwhite invasion controlled media puppets have had their eye on getting rid of Matussek for a long time. His latest Tweet provided them with the “excuse” they were relooking for, but observers should not be surprised: this is, after all, the “freedom” of Germany’s “democracy” which Angela Merkel claims is what the Islamist terrorists are fighting.