Macedonia: New Nonwhite Attack

Nonwhite invaders prevented from proceeding north to Germany up the “Balkans route” have renewed their violent assault on the Macedonian border after it became clear that that country’s government intended to stick to its decision not to allow them further into Europe.
The Macedonian police and the army have now been deployed along that country’s border with Greece, armed with assault rifles in expectation that the situation will escalate further as thousands more invaders arrive expecting to be given passage to Germany to take advantage of Angela Merkel’s “open doors” offer.

Earlier, Macedonia joined three other Balkan states in announcing that they would only let nonwhite invaders from Syria and Iraq pass their borders to get to Germany—cutting off access for all those from other Third World countries who have been unable to steal or purchase “Syrian” papers.
The now-blocked invaders—from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Morocco, and a number of other countries—have tried all manner of tactics to get past the Macedonian border, including sewing their lips shut, going on hunger strike, and, of course, accusing the Europeans of “racism.”

Finally, as always for the nonwhite invaders, outright violence is the inevitable fallback position, and late last week they unfurled banners which threatened Europeans with death should the border not be opened to them.
In the latest assault which took place late on Saturday, November 28, the nonwhite invaders attacked Macedonian police with rocks, bottles, and sticks. Police were forced to respond with batons and eventually fired teargas to drive the hordes back.

The invaders continued to throw rocks and chant, “We want to Germany” [sic], while they pulled down temporary wire fence emplacements.

Some managed to get past the thin line of Macedonian police, but were arrested within a few minutes and forced back across the border. The police have since been armed with assault rifles in an expectation that the situation is likely to escalate further.

Another invader tried to clamber onto a passing train, but instead received an electric shock which media said gave him “severe burns.”

The Macedonian government is building a permanent fence as quickly as possible.