Sweden: 14,140 Invaders “Vanish”

Two-thirds of all failed “asylum seekers” (or 14,140 individuals) in Sweden have “vanished” rather than accept deportation, the Swedish national border police have admitted.

The admission shows how inefficient the entire “asylum” system is, and also how stupid the authorities are in dealing with the nonwhite invasion.

It seems that the government actually expected the invaders to “play by the rules” and accept deportation when their asylum claims were shown to be bogus.
According to an article in the Aftonbladet newspaper, the Swedish police had been asked to enforce the deportation of 21,748 failed “asylum seekers.”

Quoting Patrik Engstrom, Director of Sweden’s National Operations Division (NOA), the Aftonbladet said of the 21,748 ordered to leave, some 14,140 had been listed as “absconded.”

Some are believed to still be at unknown locations in Sweden while others are thought to have left the country.

“We simply do not know where they are,” Engstrom said.

The remaining 7,608, he said, were still living in residences paid for by the Swedish Migration Board, or have registered private addresses.

Engstrom said that the police have been unable to enforce the deportation of the 7,608 failed “asylum seekers” because they lacked the manpower, particularly since all available officers normally used for deportations were now deployed at the borders.

"It's a huge task and it is completely dependent on the police being allocated the necessary resources," he said.

In 2013, the proportion of nonwhite invaders who left the country voluntarily after an expulsion order was 41 percent. Some of the remaining numbers were forcibly deported, but in most cases they just went “underground” and vanished into the already large nonwhite colonizer communities.

The Migration Agency said at the time that the vast majority of the "disappeared" were Dublin Regulation cases. Under that regulation, invaders should be deported back to the first EU country they entered.

But if they can delay their re-applications by 18 months, they may be able to stay in Sweden, hence the motivation to go underground.

Furthermore, the unilateral—and certainly illegal—scrapping of the Dublin Regulation by Angela Merkel has thrown all of those rules into a state of legal confusion.

Finally, Engstrom said, it has become impossible to enforce deportations to Somalia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq—because those countries are now refusing to take back any of their citizens, he said.

“There is nothing that the police can do about this, as it is a matter of diplomacy and politics,” he concluded.