South African Leftists Abandon Farm

The two South African leftists who opened their farm to hundreds of Central African invaders who had fled “xenophobic violence” in that country, have now completely abandoned their farm after an Indian-origin High Court judge refused to rule in their favor.

Andrew and Rae Wartnaby had offered the Africans shelter on their farm in July 2015, but, as reported earlier, their guests then just seized the land and refused to move.

After suffering violent threats from the “refugees,” the Wartnaby couple moved off the farm while they tried to resort to legal means to evict the Africans.
South African leftist Andrew Wartnaby explains to media in 2015 why he had let the Africans stay on his farm.

Now, however, Wartnaby said this week that he had completely abandoned his farm after his application to evict the 31 “refugees” was adjourned indefinitely by Judge Kate Pillay in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

"I regret having extended a humanly hand to help these people, not knowing that was endangering the lives of my family.

"These people, despite having been offered a place to stay while they were supposed to be sorting out their refugee status, have caused only drama on my farm," Wartnaby said.

In July last year, Wartnaby took in about 140 blacks from central Africa on his 20-hectare farm. At the time, the “refugees” had been arrested for refusing to leave another state-run refugee camp to which they had fled after local Africans had attacked them in an outbreak of violence against “foreign” blacks.

Wartnaby had said he had offered to accommodate the refugees so they could be reunited with their children, until they could get back on their feet. However, a group of the refugees had turned against the farmer.

"No one seems to sympathize with us. All I did was out of the goodness of my heart, with my wife supporting me," Wartnaby said.

Sheena Jonker, head mediator of Access to Justice, a not-for-profit organization which had been providing the refugees with legal and other support, said an agreement had been reached with most of the group but a few had “irrationally believed” they should be resettled in a third country.

As reported in the News24 news outlet, Wartnaby said he and his family are now living in fear for their lives due to threats made by the refugees still remaining on the farm who during violent protest action had prevented the family from leaving the property.

Wartnaby said he and his family—his wife Rae and eight children (including his biological and adopted children)—managed to “sneak” off the farm after the situation became “volatile” on April 14 and 15 last year when police had to be called in.

They escaped to a location which he refused to disclose as their lives were in danger, he said.

Wartnaby said since attempts to mediate the situation had failed, he was forced to approach the high court for help. “Currently the situation on the farm is not conducive to enable me to enjoy the fruits of my farm or provide for my family,” said Wartnaby.

Wartnaby said he and his family continued to be threatened and he was scared that the refugees would burn his farm and kill him and his family. Their actions constitute a serious threat to his constitutional rights to ownership of property and were unlawful, he said.

He submitted that it was likely that the illegal occupiers would invade his house. “They have become extremely violent and the police even had a tough time controlling their anger,” he said.

Judge Pillay gave no reason for her refusal to make a decision on the application, and Wartnaby has now been left high and dry because of his altruism.

In many ways, the Wartnaby experience expresses in microcosm white liberal attitudes and their inevitable consequences when dealing with illegal nonwhite invaders.

It also demonstrates once again that the current “refugee” invasion of Europe can only end in violence: either when Europeans force them to leave, or when the settled invaders turn on the liberals who have let them in.