Sicily G7 Summit Proves Invasion Can be Controlled: No “Refugees” Allowed While They Meet

Proof that the Third World invasion of Europe is being carried out on purpose by the European Union’s own Frontex “border force” has come with the news that no vessels carrying any of the invaders will be allowed to dock anywhere in Sicily while the G7 leaders’ summit is held there from May 26–27.
The closing of all Sicily’s ports—and the effective end of the invasion while the harbors are closed—was announced last week by the Italian government in the run-up to the summit, which will be attended by all of Europe’s pro-invasion leaders, including the heads of state of Britain, France, and Germany.
Italian police chief Franco Gabrielli announced no ships involved in the “rescue” of the invaders from boats in the Mediterranean would be allowed to dock at any Sicilian port until after the summit’s conclusion. 
Gabrielli said the move is designed to “ease the burden on security agencies for the two-day summit” that starts this coming Friday.
The fact that the Italian government can, with a single order, stop the invasion at will, is proof that the entire process is being coordinated, controlled, and promoted by the ruling elite. For if it is possible to halt the Third World invasion forces landing in Sicily for the duration of the G7 summit, it is possible to halt it everywhere—by simple decree.
Meanwhile, the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that 59,135 nonwhites pretending to be refugees invaded Europe by sea in 2017 through May 21, with over 80 percent—50,041— arriving in Italy, and the remainder divided between Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.