Jew JCC Threat-Maker Charged with Kiddie Porn, Weapons, Assault, and Over 2,000 Threat Offenses

Michael Kadar, the 18-year-old Jew arrested for making over 2,000 bomb threats against Jewish institutions around the globe from his home in Israel, will face trial on seven charges, including pedophilia, drugs, weapons, assault—in addition to making threatening calls.
All of these threats were blamed on “anti-Semites” and this “upsurge in anti-Semitism” was used as a reason to pressure Amazon to censor books it sold.
Details of the charge sheet have been released following the earlier announcement that Kadar would not be extradited to stand trial in America, even though his arrest was the result of work by U.S. agencies and took place at the request of American authorities.
The indictment reveals that Kadar “instigated panic in 2,000 institutions around the world,” and “caused the evacuation of hundreds of airports, schools, and Jewish institutions.”
He also caused flights to be canceled, made threats to airports, airlines, schools, Jewish institutions, and U.S. police stations.
He has also been charged with offenses related to the carrying of a weapon, assaulting a policeman, mediating drug trafficking, providing means to commit a crime, and the publishing and holding of pedophile material.
The indictment, filed by Adv. Yoni Hadad of the cyber division, said that the defendant committed a series of threatening and intimidating actions by using sophisticated computer means to contact various entities around the world, including airlines, airports, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, police stations, an American senator, the Israeli embassy in the U.S., various public institutions, and more.
He threatened them all with “acts of terror and murder” through the detonation of explosives and shooting attacks.
“The defendant committed these acts via the Internet and used sophisticated technological means to disguise the source of the attachment and to camouflage his voice,” the indictment says.
Among other things, he accessed the Internet through the routers of other people in his vicinity, to which he connected through a powerful dedicated antenna which protruded out his window.
It was this antenna which makes it clear that his parents and other people in Israel were also involved in the matter, as the nature and sophistication of the device could not have been installed without specialist assistance—and the knowledge of people in the house.
The antenna installed at Kadar’s house in Israel through which the threats were issued.
In addition, Kadar took over foreign computers online, and used them to commit the offenses, so that the traces of his actions led to the controlled computers.
“The defendant's goal was to cause considerable public panic, to mobilize emergency forces to the places threatened, to cause urgent evacuations, to force authorities, and to create a media response to the entire process,” the indictment continued.
“Indeed, as a result of his actions, the most severe damage was caused: in several cases, flights and planes were canceled and an emergency landing took place.”
Kadar was paid for his services via bitcoin account, and nearly $250,000 of bitcoins have already been recovered from his account—another indication that the operation was a well-organized and deliberate campaign.
The first charge lists 142 cases in which Kadar called airports, airlines, and police stations. He threatened them by saying that explosive devices had been hidden on commercial flights.
For example, the indictment describes a threat made to an El Al plane while on its way to Israel. As a result of that threat, French and Swiss fighter jets were deployed to escort the aircraft over Switzerland before it landed and was searched.
In another case, the defendant threatened an airport in Canada. As a result, a passenger plane was diverted to another airport, and the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft via the emergency slides.
Another incident listed was a threat to a Virgin Australia flight that caused the diversion of the aircraft to another airport—after dumping over eight tons of fuel over the ocean.
In another case, Kadar threatened the plane used by the Boston Celtics basketball team, causing it to be diverted and searched.
In yet another case, Kadar issued a bomb threat to an American Airlines flight inside the U.S., causing it to carry out an emergency landing. Passengers were evacuated and had to be housed at hotels in the area for the night.
The second charge said that during a period of two years—that was how long he had been “working” in Israel—Kadar had contacted about 2,000 different bodies, including schools, police stations, hospitals, Jewish institutions, and various public institutions, etc., “using sophisticated methods to camouflage his identity.”
All of these bodies had been “threatened with acts of terror and murder.”
For example, Kadar threatened the Israeli consulate in Miami, and as a result of his threats, police evacuated the consular personnel.
In another case, Kadar threatened a hospital in New Jersey, forcing patients to be evacuated.
According to the third charge, the defendant called at least 48 police stations in the U.S., once again “using sophisticated methods to camouflage his identity.”
He threatened the police officers, claiming that he held small children or family members as hostages at certain addresses, and that they would “have their heads shot off” when they came to the given locations.
Kadar has also been charged with carrying a weapon, and assaulting a police officer. This charge stems from the time of his arrest at his home in Ashkelon. 
While the police were conducting a search of the house and seizing his computer equipment, Kadar grabbed a pistol from one of the officers, and a struggle ensued with the other officers before he was subdued.
He has also been charged with manufacturing and selling fake identity documents, and hacking software on the darkweb.
Another charge relates to his activities mediating for drug sellers on the darkweb, and a final charge claims that he “published and possessed” “obscene pedophile materials.”
Kadar, whose name has been withheld in Israel, is expected to appear in court once again this month when an application will be made for him to be committed to observation for “mental issues” in what is a defense strategy to claim that he “did not know what he was doing.”
* Israel regularly refuses to hand over its nationals accused of wrongdoing by other states, a policy which has allowed the Jewish ethnostate to become a world haven for Jewish criminals of all sorts.