Lampudesa’s Pro-Invasion Mayor Booted from Office by Anti-Invader Candidate

UNESCO peace prize winner and darling of the far left controlled media, the pro-invasion mayor of the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini, has been voted out of office and replaced with a candidate who declared that he was “sick” of seeing invaders “swarming over the island.”
Giusi Nicolini and EU chief Martin Schulz
Nicolini, who became the “face of the sympathetic” (that is, pro-invasion) European liberal, came third in the elections for the office of mayor, losing to Salvatore Martello, a hotel owner and fisherman who won the election running independently from Italy’s main parties.
“In the years she was mayor, she curated an image abroad of the island and the migrant situation, forgetting its people.”
Earlier this year Nicolini won Unesco’s Félix Houphouët-Boigny peace prize for the “great humanity and constant commitment” with which she actively encouraged the mass invasion of Italy by literally millions of Africans seeking to parasite off the white welfare system by pretending to be “refugees.”
A politician from the centre-left Democratic party, Nicolini also won the Olof Palme prize in 2016 and was among the Italians celebrated at a dinner with former US president Barack Obama at the White House in October.
But, as the far left Guardian newspaper reported, as “she travelled the world and courted the media, regularly appearing on Italian TV and portraying the tiny island of around 6,000 people as a safe haven for migrants, discontent simmered back on Lampedusa, closer to Tunisia than mainland Italy, where she held office. Islanders made their feelings known when Nicolini was resoundingly ousted from her post, coming third in municipal elections with just 908 votes.
  “The do-gooders talk about helping migrants – that is until they are housed next door to them,” said Martello, himself a former left winger who used to be sympathetic to the invaders.
However, the constant and never-ending flow of African scroungers is making it clear to all but the willingly blind that Europe is note facing a “refugee” or a “migrant” crisis, as the controlled media insists, but rather a full scale invasion by the nonwhite Third World.