NGO Ships Stopped: Numbers of Invaders Landing in Europe Drops Second Week in Row

Conclusive proof that the fake “charity” NGO ships pretending to “rescue” Africans in the Mediterranean were the primary cause of the invasion has come with the news that the number of invaders landing in Italy has dropped for the second week in a row to a new record low of “only” 597—as opposed to the thousands that were landing every day when the NGO ships were operating.
According to the latest figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the number of invaders landing in Italy for the week August 10 to August 16 dropped by 64 percent from 1,646 for the previous week (August 3 to August 9) to “only” 597.
When the NGO ships were operating, up to 6,000 Africans were being landed in Italy every day, and so far this year, at least 124,863 invaders had landed in Europe in this manner.
The slowdown has also affected the number of invaders landing in Greece: The IOM figures show that for the week August 10 to August 16, “only” some 458 invaders landed in Greece, compared to 838 the previous week.
The main nationalities of arrivals to Italy, according to the IOM, were (in descendant order): Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia, and to Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
The most dramatic drop has been in the number of invaders crossing into Bulgaria—for the week August 3 to August 9, only one invader crossed into that country from Turkey, and for the most recent week, August 10 to August 16, a total of zero invaders crossed the Turkish-Bulgarian border.
This slowdown across the Bulgarian-Turkish border is wholly due to the deployment of over 600 soldiers, along with security cameras and drones along Bulgaria’s 166-mile border with Turkey by that latter country’s government.
Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov told Die Welt newspaper that more soldiers will be deployed to the border “in order to provide security” and the Turkish border will also be divided into five parts in order to make monitoring more convenient.
Each part of the border will have its own armored troop of soldiers, Karakachanov continued, and will be specially trained, adding that experience had taught the government that soldiers were more effective at border security than police.
“We can no longer ignore the flow of illegal migrants to Europe," Karakachanov said, criticizing European countries for not closing down the Mediterranean invasion route.
“NATO or EU troops should be deployed in Greece and Italy to protect the EU's external borders via force, in case of necessity,” he said, adding that most of those entering Europe through the Mediterranean are economic migrants.
“They do not face any persecution; they do not need protection for their lives. They just want to live in a rich Western country,” he said.
Karakachanov is the leader of the Bulgarian National Movement (VMRO) and one of the three leaders of the nationalist bloc United Patriots which make up Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) collation.
Last year, when running for president, Karakachanov called for the invaders to be stopped at the borders with “batons, tear gas and water cannons.”
In response to the invasion of Europe by millions of fake “refugees,” Bulgaria erected a border barrier to halt the illegal crossings. Almost all of the border has now been closed off with a physical barrier, and as a result, over the past two weeks, only one invader has tried to claim “asylum” in Bulgaria.